Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Matt and I are so excited to start this blog to share with our friends and families all of the interesting things happening in our lives! Let's do a quick update of the past six and a half years...

On June 8, 2002, Matt and I got married!

We have been on a lot of amazing vacations including Italy, France, England, New York, Philly, Chicago, Hawaii, Oregon, The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, St. Louis, and of course lots of cool places in California!

We bought a house in October of 2004...a real fixer-upper!
Since we've moved in we have replaced the carpet, refinished the hardwood floors, textured and painted 8 rooms, had the yard relandscaped, put in a new garage door, built a fence, had the city put in a sidewalk on the side of our house, taken out many yucky trees, built walkways, had a bathroom redone, put in tons of new light fixtures, and the list goes on and on. We had help from family and friends for most of it, but we did have to hire some people as well!

Matt got his BA and he is working on his Masters. I got a teaching credential and a masters!

Currently I teach high school English and yearbook and Matt is a marketing manager for a group of radiologists. Matt enjoys photography and working in the garden. I love scrapbooking and dancing. Unfortunately we both really enjoy shopping!! HAHAHA! We also love traveling - we go someplace every year - sometimes with friends or family and sometimes just the two of us. And because of various individual activities/responsibilities, we have gone many places without the other, which we like less and less.
And the biggest news is that we are expecting a baby girl within the next week or two! I'm sure the next hundred blogs will be all about her.
Now you are all caught up on our lives up to this point. We hope you will check our blog every month or so to see new pictures of our family and read about new things that are happening with us!

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