Saturday, December 20, 2008

Brie at Home

Brienne is now 16 days old! We have only been at home now for a few days, but Brie already has some favorite things! She loves her hands. Whether it is when she eats or when she sleeps, her little hands must be free. Brie also loves sleeping in her car seat, which allows mommy and daddy to sleep "peacefully" for a couple of hours at a time. Many adorable little noises come out of our little baby - grunts and squeaks that make us smile. Tummy time is another favorite activity. Brie is able to turn her head from side to side as she lays on her belly. She is eating well now and her follow up appointment was good.

Many people have come to visit and many members of our church family have brought us meals! Grandma Mimi, Grandma Schulz, and Auntie Jeannette have provided much help to us around the house, too.

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