Saturday, December 20, 2008

Brie's Hospital Stay

Unfortunately, we had a short stay in the hospital...

We had a pediatrician appointment on Tuesday, December 9 and found that Brie had lost too much weight. After getting blood test results, the doctor found that her sodium levels were too high. We went to Children's Hospital ER right away to have her treated for dehydration. The doctors there were concerned that it could have been an infectious disease causing the dehydration, rather than just poor feeding, so they gave her antibiotics for 7 days! Mommy and daddy were very tired of being in the hospital after a week, but Brie did so well! She responded great to the fluids, increased amount of food, and antibiotics. All of her lab results were great and they never did determine if she had an infection (it probably really was just dehydration, but better to be safe than sorry). We finally got to go home on Tuesday, December 16 when Brie was 12 days old. At that point she had spent more of her life in the hospital than at home. Both sets of grandparents were so helpful during our stay. We appreciate our families so much!

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