Sunday, October 25, 2009


Our little Brie is almost 1! We can't believe it! We honestly haven't taken a lot of pictures in a few months. Going back to work has been a challenge. I am trying to learn how to balance things better!! So here is what we've got for October. We do plan on taking lots of Halloween photos.

Look at all of those teeth!!
She has 9!

Fun times on the front lawn playing with the hose.

Ooh! All that yummy hose bacteria! My parents are so negligent...
Too much water! Coughy Coughy!

Now I'm naked because I was all wet. Ooh, rocks...I hope my daddy doesn't let me eat them :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Last Days of Summer

I go back to school next week (kids start the week after, though). Brie and I had a great summer overall. There were some major yucky times (broken toe, surgery, teething, house in disarray from the painting), but we had some wonderful times as well! We went to the zoo several times, to the beach twice, out to restaurants, swimming, to the park, and lots more. I will miss getting to spend so much time with Brie.

Pismo - July

My mom and dad rented a beach house this summer for a week. Matt came down for the weekend, but Brie, Jeannette, and I stayed for five days. My parents had a really great time with Brie especially. My dad was able to spend a lot of time with her, which he loved!

Brie loved the sand! Loved it! She crawled everywhere. Surprisingly she did not eat it!

My sister and her boyfriend were there too. We all played games and had a good time hanging out at the beach house. We went out to dinner a few times. Matt and I got to have a little "date" breakfast one day too! Jeannette and I went shopping while Brie hung out with the grandparents.

4th of July

4th of July! Check out our Red, White, and Blue color coordination! We went over to the Pires' house and Brie went swimming. We had a nice dinner and dessert, but then Brie wouldn't go to sleep in the crib at their house, so we went home :(. No fireworks! Oh well - maybe next year!

Random June Activities

One thing we did in June was go to Woodward park. We just walked around a little bit (I had a broken toe). We tried to feed the ducks, but the geese were super scary. So we just threw the bread and ran!
Brie had a great time at Nevaeh and Taylor's house - mainly because of D.O.G. (the cat). Our cats do not come near Brie, but she loves them. This little kitty craves baby abuse. Brie was in heaven.

High chair fun with daddy! Brie started using her high chair in June and she eats so well!

Look! This has nothing to do with Brie - a first!! I grew bell peppers this summer. They were so yummy!

Monterey Vacation - June

In June we went to Monterey. This was a rough vacation! On the way there I broke my toe, so the whole time I was hobbling around and it was swollen and bruised. Walking was very difficult. Brie cried a lot in the car, which made us super crazy! We did have some nice times, though. We knew we'd be in the hotel a lot, so we got a nice one. We watched movies and got room service. We went to the aquarium, which was pretty fun. Brie wasn't too aware, but I think if we went back now, she would like it a lot more.

Brie would not look at the camera!!

Brie's Dedication

Brie was dedicated back in May - just a short church ceremony where we commit to teaching her about Jesus. It was a nice family day too!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Zoo Time!

We are officially members of the Chaffee Zoo. Brie and I spent our first day of summer break together at the zoo. We saw the elephants, giraffes, and the monkeys. Brie wasn't 100% interested, but she enjoyed her stroller ride and the hat mommy bought her.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was great! We started our day at Panera where Brie bought me breakfast (4 cheese egg soufle and cappaccino) and gave me a card! The card was awesome. She signed it herself, chewed the corner a bit, and recorded her laugh.

We went to church and then went to Tim and Allyson's for lunch. We had a wonderful day!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Garden Hat Party

We hung out in the garden yesterday!

This past week Brie's first tooth started coming in. I guess we are officially teething now. It is her bottom left tooth. She seems to be handling it pretty well, but was a bit fussy yesterday.

We also had to go to the doctor on Monday because Brie is a bit croupy - so she got some meds and is doing a little better, but we can still hear a little raspiness.

This weekend I hung up a couple of cute things in her room - she finally has something on her walls! Cute letters that spell her name and a little cloth board that holds pictures with ribbon. The background is a pastel map of Paris...perfect!!!

She loves mommy's toes!

We really didn't take a lot of Easter was a fussy day :(.