Sunday, February 15, 2009

Big Changes

Brie is growing so much! This month she has done many things so far. We have taken walks, when the weather is nice; Brie went to her first Super Bowl party; we have also gone out to dinner a couple of times, most of which went smoothly.

Milestones include pushing up when on her tummy, smiling, reaching for toys, occasionally squealing, and the best thing ever - sleeping thru the night. She enjoys looking at her black and white animal flashcards, reading books with mommy and cuddling with daddy on weekend mornings. Brie is not yet proficient at pacifier sucking, but excels in pooping, managing to smear it all over her body. Matt pretty much thinks it is the worst thing about fatherhood - he just repeats over and over, "It's awful, it's awful!"

Matt and I are adapting to parenthood. New things we've learned include typing one-handed (as I'm doing now), making a bottle one-handed (I guess doing pretty much everything one-handed), watching tv on a very low volume, order dinner in, and have very little personal time!


The Chuck Smith Family said...

Yea! Another post. I am so glad that you are having fun with little Brie. How I miss those little moments with mine. Oh, and tell her that Abby and Eli loved their valentines.

The Smith Family said...

It sounds like Brie and Spencer chose the same time to start sleeping through the night!:) YAY! Glad to hear you guys are adapting. It's funny how no matter how prepared you feel or how many "bits of advice" people tell you, nothing really compares to all the work being a parent really entails! Brie sure is a cutie. It's fun watching her change! Keep up the picture postings!:)