Sunday, April 19, 2009

Garden Hat Party

We hung out in the garden yesterday!

This past week Brie's first tooth started coming in. I guess we are officially teething now. It is her bottom left tooth. She seems to be handling it pretty well, but was a bit fussy yesterday.

We also had to go to the doctor on Monday because Brie is a bit croupy - so she got some meds and is doing a little better, but we can still hear a little raspiness.

This weekend I hung up a couple of cute things in her room - she finally has something on her walls! Cute letters that spell her name and a little cloth board that holds pictures with ribbon. The background is a pastel map of Paris...perfect!!!

She loves mommy's toes!

We really didn't take a lot of Easter was a fussy day :(.

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msprimadonna67 said...

Adorable pictures, as always: ) I love that you have a "Brie's reading list." Where the Wild Things Are was always a favorite in our household, too. Have you ever read I'll Love You Forever? Danielle still likes me to sing her to sleep with a melody I made up to lullaby in that book.