Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pregnancy is Beautiful!

We went last Saturday to take some photos of Brie and me. There were two locations downtown that I wanted to go, but neither worked out. Matt suggested we go to Community Medical Center downtown where they have a gazebo and garden. As soon as we got there, Brie fell down and scraped her knee. So, she was not a happy lady. We got a few neat pictures, but with Brie's knee bleeding everywhere, it wasn't the most successful photo shoot. I am hoping for a couple more next weekend at my baby shower.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Things I Love About Brie

My daughter is so funny. She is just like her daddy. She knows what gets a laugh out of us and looks from one of us back to the other to get "approval" for her funny acts. Last night she was holding the spoon in her mouth and making some strange sound. We were laughing, so she just kept doing it, smiling at the praise. She also does this funny thing - whenever we say "crying," Brie scrunches her face and makes a fake crying sound. Where did she get this?

Brie is sweet. This she might not get from me! When someone is hurt or crying, she gets really concerned and acts very gentle. She rubs my belly and says "baby brother" and "I love baby brother." She always wants to tell him bye when she leaves. She loves to share with us. Brie loves to pet the kitties and loves dogs too.

Brie is WILD! This she gets from me (and Matt too I'm sure). Her hair is wild - wispy and flighty. She shakes her head rapidly, spins in circles, runs without care, and climbs!! She loves escaping after her bath and running wild around the house naked as the day she was born.

She is smart! She loves books and words. Her most favorite independent activity is to sit in her Tinkerbell chair and read her books. She must read a couple of books while she drinks some milk before bed. She has her favorites and knows many of the words, which she loves to say when we read them. She loves her alphabet cards and recognizes almost all of the letters. Her memory is better than mine! She remembers people's houses, what happened days ago, and things we say. She repeats everything and likes learning new words. She likes to get them right, so she'll listen several times and then try it when she thinks she has it.

Brie has been observant since the second she came out of the womb. She is so alert and notices everything. She loves small little things. She will find the smallest crumb and bring it to me. She will say a word and we'll think she made a mistake because we haven't seen something, but then finally we notice and realize she is light years ahead of us. She loves learning how things work. Since she was able, Brie likes to turn toys over and see how they work rather than actually playing with them. Her fine motor skills are wonderful - she just loves small things! She is quite the little scavenger and she loves to throw things away!

Brie is very intentional. She is very clear where she wants stickers to be placed or where she wants us to sit.

The best thing about Brie is how affectionate she is. She loves to cuddle, hug, and kiss. Nothing makes my day like having her give me a hug!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Remembering Adam

On August 11, my cousin Adam was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver. We had just seen him and his wife and children a month earlier when they came to California for a visit. It is still so unbelievably shocking and devastating. He was in his last year of residency in Omaha, Nebraska. Two of his young boys were in the car and were injured. I was so proud of his accomplishments and of his lovely family. Adam will be missed greatly by so many who loved him!!


Summer flew by this year. We did a lot of fun things, but I had to be limited quite a bit due to my pregnancy issues. The heat really affected me this summer. Energy exertion just shut me down each day. I needed a lot of help. It was frustrating (and still is) to not be able to play with Brie the way I would like. Luckily, though, my best friend is also a teacher, so she literally spent every day of her summer at my house. Most of the summer I experienced dizziness, headaches, and fatigue every day. I couldn't run errands - I was basically bed/couch ridden. With my Dr.'s help, I made the decision to stay home for the fall semester. This was really hard for me because I love to work and I love to teach. I also love to be in control - and the control was being taken from me!!! I did do swim lessons with Brie, which was very tiring, but being in the pool really helped on those hot days. Brie ended up loving swim lessons. She would talk about swimming every day. She would even wear her flippers around the house. We also went to Pismo for our family vacation this year. It was nice and cool there, which was a welcome relief for me! Brie absolutely loved the ocean and the sand. We had a blast watching her explore. We also went to Avila Barn where Brie got to see lots of farm animals.