Sunday, September 5, 2010


Summer flew by this year. We did a lot of fun things, but I had to be limited quite a bit due to my pregnancy issues. The heat really affected me this summer. Energy exertion just shut me down each day. I needed a lot of help. It was frustrating (and still is) to not be able to play with Brie the way I would like. Luckily, though, my best friend is also a teacher, so she literally spent every day of her summer at my house. Most of the summer I experienced dizziness, headaches, and fatigue every day. I couldn't run errands - I was basically bed/couch ridden. With my Dr.'s help, I made the decision to stay home for the fall semester. This was really hard for me because I love to work and I love to teach. I also love to be in control - and the control was being taken from me!!! I did do swim lessons with Brie, which was very tiring, but being in the pool really helped on those hot days. Brie ended up loving swim lessons. She would talk about swimming every day. She would even wear her flippers around the house. We also went to Pismo for our family vacation this year. It was nice and cool there, which was a welcome relief for me! Brie absolutely loved the ocean and the sand. We had a blast watching her explore. We also went to Avila Barn where Brie got to see lots of farm animals.

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