Monday, July 18, 2011


Since I started to feel better, I have been able to do some projects around the house with the help from my very best friend, Jeannette. We have done several things outside. We built a raised veggie bed and added some herbs (we will plant potatoes later); she did a lot of water source moving (sprinkler and drip issues); planted a lemon tree; redid the area to the west of our front yard adding bricks to create a small patio area for some potted plants; planted tomatoes and peppers (that was actually in May, but we're enjoying the produce now); and created a few bench areas with some pots and rocks. Our yard is looking much nicer now and it has been enjoyable to work a little more than I have been able to.

I did a few in-house projects. Mainly hanging some photos that I had been meaning to do for quite some time. I also repaired some holes in thebathroom and hung a lovely shadow box.

Now that the projects are done, I want to focus on cleaning the house a bit before school starts. The kids' room is a MESS!

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Jenny Brannan said...

Good for you! You got a ton done. I'm impressed. We need to do a few things before school starts so we can say we've done something. :)